About Us

Stitching Borders

Stitching Borders is a handmade knitwear brand based in Los Angeles that specializes in designing and producing luxury, timeless garments for all generations. Our look is inspired by the exchange of ideas, traditions and the aesthetics around the California and Mexico region. We take on the views that the California coast provides, the mountains as well as the desert landscape that connects the state with Mexico, creating a color palette that represents the warmth of their surroundings and their people who make our garments with the utmost mastery of their craft, providing a high-end product that is worked for hours paying attention to the detail. 

We know our customers appreciate quality vs quantity; Together we generate opportunities and support our local and extended communities.

               Luna crocheting

    Master Knitter Luna




Gabriela Rochin

I was born in Mexico City and for more than twenty years, I worked as a producer in my hometown in various audiovisual projects. Alongside my professional endeavors and the raising of my two children, knitting always was an important part of my life. In 2018 I created Stitching Borders, a handmade knitwear brand based in Los Angeles. 
The idea of Stitching Borders comes from meeting Luna, the yarn and needles brought us together, knitting a friendship and a dream. Her knitting ability is astounding! I say as much about her kindness and industriousness, and feel so proud that we share the dream of generating gratifying employment for women by sharing with the skills needed to successfully practice the lovely tradition of knitting. 
My dream is to create beautiful pieces that customers can wear season after season feeling the confort, peace and warmth that we put into action when we are knitting "one stitch at a time".

Take care of your knits

We recommend you hand wash and lay flat to dry on a towel or dry-clean.

I personally use a toxin free detergent to preserve and keep my knits fresh. Contact me for info at gabriela@stitchingborders.com